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Some Same-Sex Suggestions

I love scrolling through my Facebook feed during pride month, because I get to see loving pictures of trans kids and their parents, queer couples, and just generally happy posts in a time filled with discrimination. So obviously I’m going to nitpick.

I have been encountering joy-filled post after joy-filled post of articles titled something like “Same-Sex Wedding Photos That Will Bring You Joy.” I would like to push back that those are not the photos I’m looking at. I’m going to say that I am actually looking at pictures of happy cis gay and lesbian couples. Yes, of course, that is so joyous and we need to see more of it. But the term same-sex is way more than that. 

When same-sex marriage was legalized, it also legalized same-sex queer + trans marriage, along with same-sex straight + trans marriage. Let me see the photos of two trans women, or a cis woman and a trans man, or of two same-sex non-binary folks. Don’t just show me the cisgender people. I know that they were the more visible targets of same-sex discrimination, but trans people aren’t being talked about at all. I, a trans male, love my cisgender, straight female partner and I want to see pictures that I can relate to.

To summarize this, call these amazing, loving posts “Gay Weddings” or “Queer Weddings,” unless you are going to include the spectrums that lie beyond those.





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