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Positivity List

I am having a rough few days. That being said, I refuse to give it any attention. Instead, I will talk about positive things in my life. Side note: something you will learn about me is that I am a huge fan of lists. So here’s one:

  • I’m going to London over winter break!
    • I’m doing a fall semester course where we read plays and then at the end we go visit London for 2 whole weeks. I fell in love with London when I went this past summer, so I’m really excited to be going back. Also, I’m high key pumped because Chandler is coming too!
  • I’m writing not one, but two articles for two different magazines!
    • I’m writing one article for Inter, the Interfaith Youth Core online zine, and another for Rainbow SIG, which is a part of NAFSA.
  • I’m having top surgery in 84 days!
    • That’s pretty neat. It has been about a year and a half since I first came out as trans, and in 84 days I’m having top surgery. That’s incredible. My girlfriend, Chandler, is coming to spend a few days with me for support during the days immediately before and immediately after surgery. She’s A+.
  • My girlfriend!!
    • Chandler is nifty. We have hit a groove, which is really indicative of what our future together will be going forward. Also, she is exceedingly pretty and kind. I’ll talk more about her in future posts.
  • My voice has dropped in the past few weeks!
    • Today, a friend of mine told Chandler that my voice has dropped significantly in a short period of time, which was a huuuuuuge ego boost. Being on testosterone is a really slow, but significantly rewarding process.

So, there’s that. If you are feeling down, make a positivity list. That just then really helped me.

Be positive and power through this week!


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