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An Introduction

I have a long history of started and abandoned blogs. I don’t have an intention to abandon this one, but it’s never my intention to abandon them. I should probably introduce myself. Hi, my name is Linden, and I’m 18 years old. I am a freshman at a small school in North Carolina studying history and religious studies. I like dogs, theatre, my Chacos, my girlfriend, and he/him pronouns. I started this blog with the thought that I am about¬†to be going through a lot all at once and I want to document it. A quick schedule of major live events in the next 6¬†months.
May 16: Classes end, and I’m officially a sophomore in college.
June 18: I see John Mulaney in Baltimore, MD.
June 20: I have top surgery.
July 18: I celebrate my 1 year on T.
August 18: I turn 19.
August 28: I start my sophomore year of college.
September 12: I celebrate 1 year with Girlfriend.

And that’s with me having narrowed it down. So, here we are. We don’t really know each other yet, but that will change, I’m sure. I’ll try to upload fun pictures, tell stories and just keep this blog semi-active.

Have a safe rest of your weekend!



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